The in-depth masterclass covers everything that you need to know when it comes to LinkedIn for Jobseekers! Privacy settings, the 9 most important sections on your Personal Profile, expert advice and step by step instructions on Connecting, how to navigate the 'LinkedIn Jobs' section & settings for the most efficient jobseeking activity. Plus, how to control what elements from your profile are shared when you apply for a job. AND everything you need to know about using content for jobseekers from 'content theory' to like, commenting, sharing posts and tagging company pages.


LinkedIn & Google

  • What happens if I Google your name and why this is important!
  • How LinkedIn influences Google

Privacy Settings

  • 4 key privacy settings when jobseeking on LinkedIn
  • Turning off 'Network Changes'
  • Profile viewing options
  • Your public profile
  • Jobseeking preferences *Important

Personal Profiles

  • The 9 most important parts of your LinkedIn profile 
  • Optimise, optimise, optimise! 
  • Crafting the ultimate headline
  • Why LinkedIn is one big search engine
  • Defining your keywords
  • How LinkedIn helps us to see what our profile is optimised for (or not optimised at all!)
  • Task: crafting and shaping your headline
  • Task: writing your new headline
  • How to update your headline quickly and easily
  • Writing job summaries / work history inserts that sell your skills and build trust 
  • Asking for recommendations - it's okay to ask for recommendations!

Connecting and Growing your Network

  • Various ways of growing your network on LinkedIn
  • Tips for connecting with people that you do not know for increased acceptance rates
  • Why it's essential to grow your network when jobseeking
  • Demonstration and step by step guide for personalising a connection requests on desktop
  • One thing to do (and not to do) when connecting on mobile!
  • Using QR Codes for quicker connecting (mobile app)
  • Insider advice on standing out in recruiter searches

The 'Jobs' Section

  • Shortcuts when applying for jobs on LinkedIn
  • Using the 'Jobs' section better & smarter
  • Creating & managing a job alert 
  • Why you should have your LinkedIn profile URL on your CV
  • How to add your LinkedIn Profile URL to your CV

Content Theory

  • What is content and why it's important for jobseekers
  • Content examples for jobseekers
  • Checklist for great posts
  • Content analytics and what it can tell us

Content Posting & Engagement

  • How to: like, share and comment on a post
  • How to tag a company page on a post on desktop
  • How to share a weblink

Overall summary

Exclusive invite to join the SmartFox Jobseeker Community upon completion of the course

  • TERMS - please read
  • No refund policy

Course Curriculum.

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  LinkedIn and Google
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  Privacy Settings
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  Your Personal Profile
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  Growing your Network on LinkedIn
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  Connecting on LinkedIn
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  Applying for Jobs on LinkedIn
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  Content Theory - Personal Profiles
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  Content Personal Profiles - Posting and Engagement
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