In a hurry to update your personal profile? Choose the 'LinkedIn Profile Polish' for everything you need to know about polishing up 10 sections on your personal profile. 


Before we get into the nitty gritty of our personal LinkedIn profiles, we must first look at 2 groundrules for using LinkedIn as a jobseeker

LinkedIn & Google

  • How LinkedIn influences Google searches for your name or job title

Planet LinkedIn, a new culture

  • On Planet LinkedIn, what you need to know about the planet and culture of LinkedIn

Personal Profiles x 10 sections

Now we do a deep dive into 10 sections of LinkedIn, so that you can see all the elements that are required in order to make you stand out, appear higher and more often in recruiter searches, and get your skills and experience to leap off the page!

Branded Cover Image

  • What is a branded cover image?
  • How do I create, change or update one?

Contact Info

  • What email address do you have listed on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Is it up to date or is it your previous employer's?!
  • The steps that you need to go through to update your email address
  • Explanation of what is a primary email address
  • How to set your primary email address

Your photograph

  • Why you need a professional profile photograph
  • The impact a professional photograph will have on your network and communications
  • How to edit, update and change your photograph


  • How to change and update your location

Personal Headline

  • What is your headline and why it's essential in personal branding
  • What are keywords?
  • How to uncover your personal keywords
  • Using the free LinkedIn tool for seeing how well optimised (or not!) your profile is
  • TASK: brainstorming your keywords
  • TASK: creating and crafting a new headline
  • How to update your headline

Featured section

  • What exactly is the Featured section?
  • Why would we use it?
  • How to add media to the Featured section
  • How to remove elements from this section

About / Personal Summary

  • Why you shouldn't underestimate the 'About' section
  • How to craft the About section to sell your skills 

Experience / Work History

  • What is the Experience section?
  • Why this is essential for subtly selling your skills
  • TASK: writing your Experience / Work history section to stand out from the crowd

Recommendations v. Endorsements

  • Why endorsements are a bit old school now
  • Why testimonials are powerful!
  •  All the steps involved in asking for a recommendation

Even more profile sections

  • The secret section that so many people overlook!
  • Be better and different and use this section to RAMP up your profile massively
  • Learn how to add great sections such as another language, volunteer experience, honours & awards, publications and much more to allow all of your skills and experience to shine!
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